Every Friday we have an updated order form of the available Fruits and Vegetables. It changes weekly according to what’s fresh, local, and in-season.

You are requested to check the delivery locations menu to know when deliveries can be made in your location.

If you are having problem accessing the form, You can contact us by sending us a mail for the updated List of Fruits and Vegetables for the week.

You should send your order at latest 16:00 the previous day of delivery. If you have passed the deadline, you can still contact us to find out if we can process your order.

Our minimum basket price is Rs 200. The minimum transport cost is Rs 35. The transport cost shall be adjusted depending on the location.

However, for the first delivery a deposit of Rs 50 is charged for the basket. Every subsequent week, when we deliver a new basket to you, you need to return the previous one. However, on all orders the Rs 50 deposit shall be charged if you forgot to return the bag. The retained deposit shall be refunded when the bags are returned.

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